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Lair of Dreams Book Review

Lair of Dreams - Libba Bray

I may not like all of Libba Bray's books (Beauty Queens and Going Bovine) but man, can she write! Lair of Dreams sucked me in just as much as The Diviner's did. Bray knows how to create perfect scenery and knows her characters so well you feel like you've lived with them at the end of the book.


Evie and her friends are back with even more characters, Henry, Ling, Jericho and others. A new demon is about and stealing people in their dreams. Its killing several and spreading a wide spread panic through out the city. As Evie hosts her radio show and creates a relationship with Sam the evil spreads and continues to create the sleeping sickness.


The characters from book one like Evie and Sam are not in this one as much. There are a lot of new characters but I really loved them especially Mabel, Henry and Jericho. Because there are so many characters this book is a slow build but everything comes together so well I'm continually amazed at how Bray does it. You really have to pay attention the whole time - and with a great audio book like this its hard not too.


There is another one coming and this leaves off on a cliff hanger with several unanswered questions like what happened with Issiah and creepy Bill? So looking forward to listening to the next one and I'm sure there is another lonnggg wait!


The only reason Lair of Dreams isn't AS good as its predecessor is because its not quite as scary. But, then again, how do you beat the creepiness that is Naughty John. ]


My most anticipated book of 2015 and well worth the wait.