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Queen of Shadows Book Review

Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas

I feel so relieved to have finally finished this monster of a book. It took me over a week which is really unusual for me. I was ready to give it four stars but the ending just left me feeling disappointing. All that for nothing? These book end THE SAME WAY each time!!! 


Aelin is going back to being Celaena one last time. To kill Arobynn, to kill the king to save Rifthold and her friends. The biggest problem remains with Dorian being locked by the demon. Rowen and Aeidon being at each others throats. But at least she has a new friend in Lyssandra. Can she save her friends and defeat her old enemy's once and for all?


I really feel like this series could have ended here. A lot of things close up nicely, even though it too 600 pages to do so (entirely too many in my opinion). It's definitely better than Heir of Fire but still not as good as Crown of Midnight or The Assassin's Blade. 


I can't decide if I like her with Rowen much. But I hope she sticks with him because it has been very annoying watching her go from Sam to Chaol to Dorian and now to Rowen. Sam will forever be my favorite and I'm still upset he had to die. 


This is a very cool series I just wish it wasn't so long. It took a lot of pages for really only a few big scenes to happen in Queen of Shadows. At least it wasn't as boring as Heir of Fire. I like her as Celaena much more than Aelin. 


I read a review where someone said they were tired of everyone saying how much they love Celaena and how characters like Rowen go on for several pages raving their love for her. I agree, this has gone on for several books and its a bit tiring. 


Butttt I am still in love with this world enough to continue the series. Its not my favorite out there but Sarah J. Maas does some things very well like throwing emotional roller coasters at you that I can't wait to see what she has to show us next. Maybe make it less than 600 pages this time?