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Crispin Book Review

Crispin: The Cross of Lead - Avi

Crispin is very different from what I normally read. But I ended up really enjoying it. It is a fast paced historical fiction with enough adventure to make you want to read more. I have read a few Avi books before and really knows how to write this genre - which is not my type of thing. But of all the Newberry I have read so far this one is one of the better selected. 


He was known as Asta's son. But now he know's his real name....Crispin. But it came with a price. He's on the run being framed for theft he didn't commit. And the town men want him dead. Along the way he meets a man named Bear and the two find adventure of their own. All the while Crispin fears the men will still find him. 


This had a nice little twist at the end that I did not see coming. Its a fast paced book that I would easily recommend to elementary school kids looking for a fun historical fiction. Its adventurous enough and mysterious enough that they will want to keep reading.