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Forever With You Book Review

Forever with You - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This review is probably a tad bit spoilery and assumes that you've read the book...


This is probably my least favorite series by Armentrout but I still enjoy them. They have some pretty fun steamy scenes and this one didn't disappoint in that area. But I'll be honest, I'm not really a fan of pregnancy stories even if it is a 20 some year old and not a teen. 


Stephanie meets Nick soon after she arrives in Philadelphia. The two immediately hit it off with a one night stand. But she quickly thinks Nick is a big jerk and feels like he's just a one time thing. But then there's a big secret between the two of them that will change both of their lives forever.


While I did like this and read it very quickly its my least favorite in the series. Like I said, this genre is not my thing. But the ending kind of broke my heart.


It'll be interesting to see how long Armentrout drags this series out. There are only so many people you can include in a group of friends.