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A Year Down Yonder

A Year Down Yonder - Richard Peck

A short, funny and poignant coming of age story. This is a re-read for me but its been over ten years since I last read it. And it feels very different reading it as an adult compared to reading it as a middle school student.


Mary Alice is off to live with her Grandmother, her rather bizarre, out there, crazy Grandma. This small town in Illinois is very different from city Chicago. But the depression has hit all the families hard and at 15 Mary Alice is making new friends at her new school and trying to manage a wild life at Grandma's house.


I love the grandmother in this house. She's funny and witty and a great character read about. And Mary Alice and her school friends are also joyous. I'm not a huge historical fiction fan but A Year Down Yonder was a quick read and one of the better Newberry books.