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Sweet Book Review

Sweet - Emmy Laybourne

Now, as many of you may know I do read a lot of young adult Dystopians. It is definitely my favorite genre. I'd fill this book more under post-apacalyptic. But its different than any other I have read before. So that's one good thing this author did well. I think I didn't like it as much because its just a really weird story line overall.


Laurel's best friend Viv has begged her to come on the Solu cruise. A cruise filled with famous people and a special drug (Solu) that makes everyone lose weight - and fast. When Laurel embarrasses herself in her favorite celebrity, Tom Forreli the two keep wanting to meet up with each other. But they soon realize that something is happening to all those taking Solu. Something bad.


I like the idea of this book. A weight drug that everyone is dying to take does seem like something that could happen in real life. But, things felt a little rushed - especially the romance between Tom and Laurel (not really a fan of that).


The last sentence made me snort - way to leave it for another one. Which I actually think could intentionally be better than the first book. Less of the background of the drug and more of the action and chilling apocalyptic world.