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Code of Honor Book Review

Code of Honor - Alan Gratz

A fun, fast paced story of a Persian American boy being accused of terrorism and dealing with racism in today's society. Many people are going to love this topic especially since we need more of it in young adult literature. My only complaint is that its literally all action and very little character development. 


Kamran had the perfect life, football start, homecoming king a girlfriend and many friends. But when Darius, his older brother is confirmed on TV being a terrorist to America everything changes. But, Kamran know's that isn't the case. Because the two of them live by their code of honor, Kamran must figure out what exactly happened to Darius. 


I'd definitely recommend this to a middle school boy looking for an action pact story. I did read it very quickly since it took very little thinking and concentration to get through the story. I do like what Gratz has to offer and think he knows this genre well. 


Its not a favorite story of mine but one I'll keep in mind.