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Lockwood and Co. Book Review

The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co, #1) - Jonathan Stroud

I am so happy I had this book recommended to me! I asked for some spooky reads for October and a friend and librarian suggested the Lockwood and Co. series. She certainly was right in the fact that this series is actually bone chilling creepy!! 


Lucy lives in a world where the streets are haunted by Ghosts and night and people are afraid to wonder around in the dark. She herself carries a rapier and hunts said ghosts. When a job goes bad with her current employee she moves off and gains employment with Lockwood and Co. A company with two kids struggling to make ends meet. But they take on their scariest mission yet with the screaming staircase and the red room. Will they be able to survive the night where no one has before?


Not only is this book about ghost hunting, it has humor, mystery, friendship and great characterization. There isn't much romance which I was really happy with (though I can see something brewing between Lockwood and Lucy). 


What I loved most about this book was the how masterfully Jonathon Stroud describes his settings, feelings and more. I think that's what made certain parts of listening to Lockwood and Co. so terrifying. There were literally times when I shivered feeling like I was there with Lucy and Lockwood, especially when we got to the creepy house at the end. 


Well done for making me terrified of ghosts again. I already have the second audio book checked out and can't wait to listen to more (because major cliffhanger)!