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Took Book Review

Took: A Ghost Story - Mary Downing Hahn

I mostly found Took a little weird and definitely disappointing. I just don't think I like Mary Downing Hahn's writing style and that I'm way too old to properly enjoy this juvenile book. 


Daniel and his sister, Erica, have been forced to move with their parents to West Virginia. They have no money and their parents can't get jobs and argue all the time. Now, they live in this creepy old house in the middle of the scary woods. And Daniel know's there is something weird in the woods. His parents don't believe him, even when Erica disappears and its up to him to get her back. 


I do think a lot of children will relate to this book, having to move, being made fun of in class, having parents not being able to get a job, etc. Lots of characterization to relate to in today's society. 


But for a book that's supposed to be a ghost story I wasn't remotely into that part of the story. The little doll Erica carried around was bizarre. The old Auntie and her obsession with children didn't really do well for the story for me. I found myself skimming a bit in order to be done with this one. Not for me but something older elementary school kids may enjoy around Halloween.