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This Monstrous Thing Book Review

This Monstrous Thing - Mackenzi Lee

I didn't love this book but I did really enjoy it. I actually read a few books in between which I usually don't do but it ended up working for the pace of this book. The writing style is what I enjoyed most about This Monstrous Thing and I would probably pick something else up by this author. 


Alisdair felt like his world ended when his brother Oliver died that night. Instead of mourning he created and brought back Oliver as half machine half man, a monster in some eyes. Then the book is sent to him, a book called Frankenstein and its all about what happened, and the only people who know that are him, Mary and Oliver. 


A cool twist on the classic story Frankenstein, which I've never actually have read but now really want to. I didn't see the ending coming, and that may be partially because I don't know Frankenstein all that well other than seeing the movies many years ago. 


Steampunk fans will probably love this one. I know I enjoyed it and it was a fun Halloween read for October.