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What We Saw Book Review

What We Saw - Aaron Hartzler

 I know this is based around a true story and for that this is difficult to read. But this genre is just not my thing. I've read a few of the new ones about this topic and while I'm probably not supposed to, to an extant, I just don't enjoy these books. The only one I think that stands out still is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. 


Kate was at the party too and probably as drunk as Stacey. But she's not the one who woke up to find terrible pictures of her being passed around on social media. But it is her friends on the basketball team being accused of rape and sexual assault. Kate can't shake the feeling that the whole town is trying to cover something up, including her perfect boyfriend and best friend since they were five. 


Kate annoyed me a bit. I thought she was extremely naive for a while in this story. I guess that may be the point that this whole town acted so awfully towards one girl. The ending finished better than I thought it would, even though it was a bit predictable. 


I don't know, I can see why girls need to read books like these and that this topic is important. But I do see both sides of the story and was just frustrated with every character in What We Saw to actually enjoy the book.