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Armada Book Review

Armada - Ernest Cline

Oh Armada, I did like you but it felt wayyy to similar to Ready Player One for me to really enjoy. The long winded explanations of video games also annoyed me a bit. This book could easily have been cut in half as most of the excitement happens in the first few chapters and the last few. 


Zach Lightman has always been focused more on his video games than real life, especially Armada. He dreams of it being real. Then one day, it all his. He finds out the EDA has created these video games to help train people to fight against the alien enemy's expected to invade the world.


The reason I think I dislike this author a bit is because of his way too descriptive writing style. I loved the idea's in Ready Player One and Aramda, how cool would it be to live in fantasy worlds and find out your favorite things are real? Nerding out. 


But which such an interesting plot theme I found it a bit boring and somewhat anticlimatic. If you wanted to try this author out I'd definitely go with Ready Player One first. It wouldn't be surprise me if the movie turns out better though.