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The Wicked Will Rise Book Review

The Wicked Will Rise (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle  Paige

Not a whole lot happened in this middle book of a series but the ending made up for a lot of the book. I was really surprised by it and am actually looking forward to what happens next. And sigh, Dorothy is STILL not dead (not surprised at that).



Amy Gum has yet to defeat Dorothy and the world of Oz is starting to shrivel at her sight. Things become complicated between her and Nox and Peter and she doesn't know if she'll ever be good enough to beat the witch. All while being terrified that the wicked within her will rise and she'll become just like Dorothy.


Literally 90 percent of this book focused on Amy and her relationships and the fact that she was constantly tired. Seriously, it felt like every chapter she wanted to take a nap - this book could have easily been part of the first one if all of that was taken out, just needed the ending and that was it.


I don't remember much about the first book except being disappointed that Dorothy didn't actually died, but Wicked Will Rise did a nice job reminding me of what happened (almost too much since a lot of it bored me). 


Not a great sequel but it kept my interest enough to read the next one.