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Walk on Earth a Stranger Book Review

Walk on Earth a Stranger - Rae Carson

While I really enjoyed this book it certainly isn't what I had originally expected. I definitely thought it was going to be a fantasy novel but fair warning, its not. Its more about the gold rush and a young woman fighting for what she believes in. Either way, I was hooked from the first page. 


Leah senses gold everywhere, its her power, even from a young age she was able to find gold nuggets hidden in her house. Her family has kept her secret hidden afraid of what people would do if they found out. But then the worst happens and Leah is forced to become Lee on a wild wind trip to California where her destiny really lies. 


The beginning is much more action packed then the rest of the book. But Leah's trip out west is full of strong scenes and fun characters you can't help but to keep reading - I finished this in about five hours. 


If this series goes the way I'm thinking it will I have a feeling book two will be even better than the first and maybe focus more on that fantasy aspect that was missing in this one.