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All In Book Review

All In - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I really, really enjoy this series. The characters are definitely my favorite part of this book especially how close the core group has gotten. The mysteries get a bit repetitive (think about how Criminal Minds and NCIS work). But, it is a really fun and fairly different YA series. I want more thrillers.


Cassie and the other natural have another case. This one as gruesome as the others as any serial killer is. Its up to them to stop him/her before the next victim. Or before one of them become that victim. All the while, Cassie learns the unforgiving truth (or is it?) about what happened to her mother.


The Cassie and Dean relationship finally happening is what I love about this book as well as the group dynamic. Now that we know these characters we get to see how they interact with one another more.


Like I said, the mystery isn't my favorite in this book but the ongoing puzzle of Cassie's mom keeps me wanting more from this author. Looking forward to the next in this series.