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The Madness Underneath Book Review

The Madness Underneath - Maureen Johnson

For a series about Jack the Ripper this was boring. I didn't enjoy much of anything from this Maureen Johnson book (I usually do enjoy her). But the plot was lacking and things felt a bit out of place. Easily just a set up for book three. 


Rory is getting over the trauma she faced with Jack the Ripper previously. With a new threat on board that doesn't come easily. Plus she's faced with being kicked out of school after not being able to catch up. Things are failing quickly for Rory and its up to her to fix it. 


Rory annoyed me so much. Most of this book was her complaining about not being able to catch up but then not doing any work the entire time. If this book had actually ended up being a thriller/mystery about another Jack the Ripper case I would have enjoyed it more.