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Last Stop on Market Street Book Review

Last Stop on Market Street - Matt de la Peña, Christian Robinson

I don't normally review pictures books or count them as my reading goals. But, as many of us know this was just announce as the 2016 Newberry Award. I'm a bit surprised it is a picture book. But I see why it won as it matches up with a lot of the other winners in the past. 


A young boy travels with his grandmother wondering why they don't have some of the things many other people have, like cars and a lot of clothes and other things like Ipads and nice electronics. No matter how down he is feeling his grandmother has a positive response to everything and is able to see positive things where ever they go.  


This is quite a deep meaningful picture book with a lot of powerful feelings attached. The pictures are quite beautiful and its nice to see some diversity in a picture book. I'm not sure how many children would actually really enjoy reading this one but its good to keep in mind for reader's advisory.