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Passenger Book Review

Passenger - Alexandra Bracken

I'm glad I listened to this one. I'm not sure I would have been able to finish it if I had sat down and read the physical book. While its advertised as a magical time traveler book I found it rather slow and tedious and much more about a romantic relationship than anything. 


Etta Spencer is a prodigy violinist. But her world is taken away from her in one night when she is thrust back in time. Where she is put in the arms of Nicholas Carter a man on a dangerous mission. The two are embarked upon a time travel adventure where all Etta wants is to find her mother. 


It sounds so tempting. But in truth, this book was fairly long and easily could have been cut in half. I didn't really care that much for the insta-romance between Etta and Nick. I wanted something heart pounding and an exciting time travel fantasy. Instead, to be put frankly this book lends itself to be a snoozefest full of long descriptions. 


I may get the audio book for the second one just to find out what does happen next and see if the pace picks up at all. But I have a feeling this will be one of my lesser favorite series of 2016.