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Bone Gap Book Review

Bone Gap - Laura Ruby

Finally finished this one. I really enjoyed the first half. The writing is rather gorgeous but the overall plot ended up boring me after 100 or so pages. I also didn't really like the magic/fantasy part of this novel as it felt a bit jumbled with the rest of the plot. 


Roza showed up in Bone Gap out of the blue, bruised and beaten but taken in by Finn and his brother Sean. The two of them are on their own, their mother left them without a care in the world. But now Roza is gone, and Finn saw the man her took her. But no one believes him and its up to him to save her. 


I liked that this was about two brothers. We don't get a lot of that in YA. There is a bit of a love triangle that I didn't care for. But overall, this ended up being a bit boring and I almost didn't finish it. 


I do see why it won the Pulitzer. Its a fairly "moving" story if its your type of thing. Not my favorite but I have already recommended it for a book club as I think its one to be discussed. Overall, a bit disappointing.