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The Lives We Lost Book Review

The Lives We Lost - Megan Crewe

This was really frustrating to listen to. I enjoyed the first one and found it fairly fast paced and interesting enough. But The Lives We Lost definitely has the second book slumber feel mainly because not a lot happens. 


They have the antidote but now they need to leave the island and figure out to make enough to save everyone. Kaelyn and her friends go out in the world for the first time sense the virus happened. Little do they know, word has spread that they have the antidote and its a run for their life. 


This was a big chase with no real plan and idea. The ending felt rushed but still nothing really happened. It easily could have been cut and made into two books if not one. 


We spent most of book one eagerly awaiting the arrival of Leo. I found him really dull and disappointing in book two and not that great of an addition. 


I'm debating if I'm going to finish this series. I might if only to see if everyone in this little gang survives.