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Red Queen Book Review

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

I first read this a few years ago when it came out. And decided to listen to it again for book two (which I'm waiting for my copy at the library). I remember really liking it the first time around. But listening to it, I struggled to remember why I enjoyed it so much. It is a bit slow, however, it packs a punch in the end and begs me wanting more. Did so the second time around as well as the first. 


Mare Barrow is a red in a world split up by colors of bloods, the red vs. the silver. At age 18 if the reds do not have a working job they are forced to go to war, fight and most likely die. Mare is about to turn 18. But then she's offered a job at the palace working for the prince. Everything becomes a twisted game of lies and deceit. Playing with the prince's, the real question is, who can Mare trust?


I can't say I totally love the love triangle in the story, the the ending still shocks me even the second time around. I want more of the brother/sister bond we could have had and I'm really hoping to see that in the second book. 


There is quite a big open ending scene here. I've been staying away from spoilers for the second one and will hopefully have my copy in the next week or two.