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Roller Girl Book Review

Roller Girl - Victoria Jamieson

I read this in about an hour and really enjoyed it. The illustrations are bright and colorful, very eye catching. The story is something young girls can relate to and is positive. Its a bit longer for a graphic novel but it reads very quickly. 


Astrid, a twelve year old girl goes to a roller derby with her mom and best friend Nicole. And it changes her life. All she wants to do is be a roller girl after that. And miraculously her mom lets her join the local junior roller derby club. But life isn't perfect. Her and her friend Nicole are changing and having different interests. She soon finds that they may not actually be forever friends after all. 


I loved that the author was able to tie in the friendship story line in this book. That was in the end the key theme and it worked really well. I will absolutely be recommending this to tweeens and upper elementary aged students. So fun and an important one at the same time.