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Cruel Crown Book Review

Cruel Crown - Victoria Aveyard

This really isn't worth reading all that much. I liked Red Queen and LOVED Glass Sword. But this novella doesn't do much and is a bit on the boring side. 


We get two short stories in this novella. One with Coraine and her story living in the high palace. The other with Farley and the Colonel before Mare Barrow shows up in their side. The two are on opposite spectrum dealing with opposite forces. 


I could care less about Coraine and almost didn't even finish this because her story was boring. But I love Farley and I loved seeing the two pages of Shade and how he becomes  a traitor and working for the rebellion. Give me more of THAT story please!!!


I'm not a fan of novella's for a reason and this one was pretty much what I expected. A glimpse into what I want more of Farley and Shade but not much more than that.