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The Siren Book Review

The Siren - Kiera Cass

Man, I have a lot of things to say about this book. And none of them good. I'm surprised I actually finished all of it. It's that bad. I enjoyed The Selection series. But The Siren is a weird love triangle that didn't work.


Kahlen's parents died in a boat accident years ago. But she was miraculously saved. Of course, there is a price to pay being turned into a siren. No one can hear her talk and she'll live the same for years and years. She's okay with that until she meets McKinley, the handsome college boy she can't help but love. But the ocean keeps calling her back. 


This is a weird story about a love triangle between a Siren, a human and the ocean. And it is bizarre and I hated it. Kahlen is obnoxious. The relationship between her and McKinley was awkward. Most of all, there is no plot. 


The Siren could have been really cool if it focused on the mythological aspect of the siren. But, it is Kiera Cass. But unlike The Selection Series this one just didn't work for me. One of my least favorite books so far this year.