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Kill the Boyband Book Review

Kill the Boy Band - Goldy Moldavsky

Kill the Boy Band really surprised me. It's definitely not for everyone, its an over the top, sarcastic, completely unrealistic type of young adult book. I think that's what I really enjoyed about it. It is certainly not like anything else I've read before. 


Kill the Boy Band is about a group of girls (who met online) that are total fangirls of the boy band (think One Direction) The Ruperts. In a whirl wind of events they end up staying at the same hotel as The Ruperts and kidnapping him! Things get even more wild from then on. 


Having been a fangirl of many things I could easily relate to a lot of the things in this one. I'd say my biggest complaint about Kill the Boyband is the ending. It felt really unresolved and a bit rushed. I was hoping there'd be a lesson or something but not much happened after all the crazy throughout the entire book. 


If you're a fangirl/boy, love sarcasm and have love that sense of outrageousness when you're reading you may just love this one (fair warning, its definitely not for everyone).