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Lincoln: A Photbiography Book Review

Lincoln: A Photobiography (Houghton Mifflin social studies) - Russell Freedman

For starters, I do not like history. So that fact that I enjoyed this book is pretty impressive for the author. It's definitely not one I loved. But, as a non-fiction book I feel that I have to give this four stars for being readable, having interesting real photographs throughout and being simple enough for children to enjoy.


Lincoln: A Photobiography details Lincoln's life from childhood, to becoming a lawyer to presidency as well as being a major impact on the Civil War. And ending with his assassination at the famous play.


Like I said, I am not a history person so I do feel like I learned quite a bit in this short book. I really liked the photographs throughout and found them useful to the "story." The author did a good job sticking to the facts throughout Lincolns life even though he glazed over the death of Lincoln's son and the depression his wife had after. Well deserving of the Newbery Medal.