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The Skylighter Book Review

The Skylighter - Becky Wallace

This was definitely one of my most anticipated books for 2016 and I am very happy with it. I actually hadn't realized this was a duology. And, honestly, I wish we had more duo's in series and less tirlogy's in young adult. 


Johanna now know's where her destiny lies, but the problem is, the rest of the world does to and everyone is after her and Rafi. Meanwhile Dom is left in his kingdom with his mother trying to figure out who the spy really is and defeat his enemies once and for all. And Piro has been kidnapped and is being tortured. They all must fight to survive, but will they all make it?


I really like Johanna and Rafi together. And Skylighter confirmed that. But I think I was almost more invested in Piro's story this time around. Man, she goes through some tough s***. My heart was pounding for her. 


The action is intense, and well written. Teens and adults will love the fantasy aspects throughout. And overall, I liked the ending even if it was a bit underwhelming (maybe just because I was hopeful for more). Definitely recommending this one to teens and looking forward to more written by Becky Wallace.