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The Girl With No Past Book Review

 The Girl With No Past  - Kathryn Croft

Ugh. So many frustrations with this book. Thankfully, its short and a quick read. But, there wasn't much to like about this one. I'm not sure I would really recommend it to anyone either. 


Leah is practically living a lie. She works at her local book store, a dream job for a book-a-holic but her coworker and her friend has no idea of her past. Then Julian and Ben come into focus and she has to choose which one. But the e-mails appear, the threats start and her past has come back to haunt her. 


First of all, as a librarian myself, the author did no research on how hiring processes in libraries really work. Someone without a masters degree is not going to get an adult librarian job. 


I thought the writing was pretty awful, the story wasn't unique in anyway, it was pretty easy to guess who the "bad guy" in the end was. Leah did some dumb things as a child and clearly hasn't learned much growing up. This has potential. But its definitely putting me of thrillers, though I'm sure most are much better than this one.