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Firefight Book Review

Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

*Spoilers for BOOK ONE*


This was okay. It definitely didn't leave me feeling "wowed" like Steelheart. A bit too much dialogue throughout for me to really enjoy. I will definitely read Calamity. But Firefight felt like a typical slow paced middle book in a series. 


Now that Steelheart is dead, David has to decide what he wants to do from here on out. Considering most of his life has been about getting revenge for his fathers death. Now that's done there's the betrayal of Megan to deal with and figuring out what to do with being in the Reckoners. Their next move? Go beyond the border's of New Congo. 


David actually annoyed me a bit in this one. His obsessive out of control actions got old. Thankfully, he does get called out on it. And I grew to dislike the Megan/David relationship a bit, whereas I was enjoying them in Steelheart. 


I have a feeling Calamity is going to end the series with a big bang and I'm really looking forward to seeing how Sanderson ends it all. A bit saddened that there is no audio yet because this is a great series to listen to.