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This is What Happy Looks Like Book Review

This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith

2.5/5 stars 


I made the mistake of reading This is What Happy Looks Like the same time as I listened to Catch a Falling Star by Kim Culbertson. I think I would have enjoyed This is What Happy Looks like much more if I hadn't done that. I felt like I was reading two of the same books (because they are). The difference? Jennifer E. Smith is a better writer in the long run. 


Ellie, a small town girl, gets a random e-mail from a stranger about his pet pig. On whim she decides to respond and they start a conversation. Graham, a movie star, know's he wants to meet the girl he's been talking to online because she likes him without knowing he's famous or a movie star. When they meet its not at all what each other expected. 


It's a cute and fluffy summer beach read but not much more than that. I'm not a huge contemporary reader and doing two at the same time definitely was a mistake (I didn't plan it just happened to work out that way). I do want to try Smith's other novels since I know she's hugely popular in the YA world.