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Catch a Falling Star Book Review

By Culbertson, Kim A [ Catch a Falling Star - Street Smart ] [ CATCH A FALLING STAR - STREET SMART ] Apr - 2014 { Hardcover } - Kim Culbertson

This was a pretty cliche, small town girl meets city/famous boy. Predictable and not all exciting. The audiobook definitely drew it out a bit too long for me. The only part I really liked about this book was the siblings story line. 


Carter Moon loves her little town, where she know's everything and nothing ever changes. Then movie star, Adam comes to town bringing the press and the girls with him. Her best friend, Chloe LOVES Adam but Carter could care less. Then a proposition is made, pretend to be Adam's girlfriend and get the money her brother owes the local baddie and drug dealer. 


I liked the overall ending of this book but most of it made me roll my eyes. I am so not into this genre, at least not at my age. Maybe I would have enjoyed this more in my tween and teen age.