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The Epidemic Book Review

So weirdly I am not able to find Suzanne Young's newest book, and part of the Program series, The Epidemic in Booklikes? Kind of strange. But I adored this one. This entire series is well worth reading and it breaks my heart with each book. The Epidemic did the same. 


Quin is ready to find out who she really is. And it turns out everything she has been told in the past has been a lie? She doesn't even know if she can trust the love of her life, Deacon anymore. And worst of all, people keep killing themselves. She knows one thing, the way to finding out everything. Arthur Pritchard, the leader and one of the most dangerous men in the program. 


Love this series and how everything wraps up so nicely. I was in tears at the end of the book. I loved Reed, Aaron, Deacon and Quin. I hope we get more from The Program series because I have yet to be disappointed.