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Yellow Brick War Book Review

Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle  Paige

It is very rare that I give books a one rating score. I generally find things to like about them and see why other people may enjoy it. But I struggle with this one. Yellow Brick War is the third in a series (and apparently not the last) and it dragged on. I disliked the story. I was mostly bored and felt like it did not move along at all. 


Amy is back in Kansas. Her mother is living in an apartment after the tornado destroyed the trailer park. Her enemy is suddenly playing nice. But she know's her role, find the shoes and get back to Oz. The problem? She doesn't know exactly which world she wants to live in. 


It sounds really intriguing. And I was expecting a lot after the ending of book two. But ugh, a series with so much potential that just falls flat. Maybe its the writing? I don't like much about the characters either. 


Apparently there is more to come. But I rolled my eyes at the ending of this one. Not a fan and do not plan to continue.