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These Vicious Masks Book Review

These Vicious Masks - Kelly Zekas, Tarun Shanker

While I enjoyed this book, I feel like its a bit forgettable. There's nothing necessarily new in it. But it is fun and set in the Victorian era with some enjoyable magic throughout the plot. 


Everything changes when Rose goes missing. Evelyn, so used to society's expectations leaves home to go find her sister. Especially knowing of the special healing powers her sister possesses. What she didn't know? That she has powers of her own and that makes this chase all the more dangerous. 


I liked Evelyn but she's nothing special. She lacks a bit f gusto and is as I said above easily forgettable. I'm hoping that she grows in the next book. 


I was also a bit disappointed in the ending. After a big long search for her sister things felt a bit anti climatic. I'm interested enough to read the next one, who know's, I'm hoping its better than book one.