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The Nest Book Review

The Nest - Cynthia D`Aprix Sweeney

This is definitely a really good debut novel. But I don't if I necessarily love it as much as some people are. The ending left me a little bit underwhelmed after everything we read most of the book. I felt like a lot of things were just left unresolved. 


The Plum family is awaiting their "Nest" or family fund when the youngest turns 40. And its A LOT of money for each sibling. They've been counting on it for their entire lives. Then Leo, of course it's Leo, has an accident and has to use most of it up, without their permission. The dysfunctional family is at each other ends trying to figure out just how they are going to get their money back. 


I have to say, I think the only one I really enjoyed reading about was Leo. He's certainly the most interesting of the group -- as much of a messed up individual he is. I got a bit lost every once in a while because there are so many characters and not just the main family. There are girlfriends and husbands and daughters and friends all involved in this mess. 


Again, its the ending that really just left me feeling a bit disappointing. The first half of this book was very intriguing and kept me wanting more. But I never really got that "more" factor.


I see why it's so popular. Its a very different type of book by a new author with interesting characters and an interesting plot. Not my favorite out there but something I will easily recommend and remember.