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The Wild Robot Book Review

The Wild Robot - Peter Brown

3.5/5 stars


This is short and sweet. A book about a robot living on and island with a bunch of wild animals. Kids are sure to love this chapter book, it has great vocabulary, a fun theme and lots of learning opportunities for younger children.


Roz is the last robot left and has crashed onto an island. Like all robots, she doesn't have any emotions or feelings. But then she meets, the little gosling. After the goslings family has been destroyed in the accident. Roz learns to adapt in the wild with all of the other animals. But soon enough, her past comes back to haunt them.


The simplicity in this story is what will bring reader's of all ages. I listened to the book so I missed out on the illustrations (though, I feel like I didn't really "miss them"). The voices done in the audio book are very enjoyable.


This isn't my favorite juvenile chapter book this year, but I did really enjoy it and know of many children who will love this book about a robot.