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You Were Here Book Review

You Were Here - Cori McCarthy

You Were Here is the heartbreaking story of love, friendship and hardest of all, loss. The feelings are deep and the characters are very real in this book. I loved each character and found what they were going through true to teenagers today. 


Jaycee has been a daredevil ever since she lost her older brother. On his anniversary every year she has this crazy plan to get closer to him. Each year its with Jake's best friend Mik, the mute. Natalie, Zach and Bishop. These people are drawn into a bizarre friendship and recovering from a heart-achingly tough loss. 


There are five point of views throughout the book. But its not your typical POV'S. Mik is a mute so his are done in graphic novel form with pictures and very few words. Bishop is done with graffitti left on the places they visit. 


This is such a unique book and the writing is quite stunning. I really think a lot of teenagers and young adults can relate to every character in this story.