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NO. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Book Review

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith

I've heard people raving about the audio-books and the books in general for this series. But, I couldn't get into it. It does have a great main character but I found myself bored through most of it. 


Precious Ramostwe has a rough life in the past. To get away from it and to help other she decides to create a one woman detective agency and names it the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Many adventures ensue in finding husbands, impostors and more.


I think the mistake I took when beginning this was expecting an in depth mystery. That isn't the case, even though its the story of a detective female, its more about her past, her character and being a strong woman.


Though, its not my favorite book out there I can see why it is so popular. It's a very charming story with a very strong main character and has a lot for readers of all ages.