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The Unwanteds Book Review

The Unwanteds - Lisa McMann

I really wanted to like this book. But listening to the audio version it just dragged. I can see why children would enjoy this series but as an adult I found it boring and was quite uninterested in the characters and the plot. 


Alex is an unwanted. Definitely not where hoped to be especially since unwanteds are suppose to die. He has to leave his twin, Aaron, a wanted and finds himself in a new land called Artime. Threats arise, magic is found, and the twins have to use their bond and separation to live in this world. 


I really really liked Wake and enjoyed McMann's other books. I was expecting to enjoy this magical adventure series of hers. So I can't help but feel disappointed. Even though I didn't enjoy it, its definitely something I will be recommending to elementary school aged children who need a new series to delve into.