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I Survived The Hindenburg Disaster Book Review

I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937 (I Survived #13) - Lauren Tarshis

So since I'm a librarian and have a love of children's novels this is a series I have been wanting to try for a while. I can see why kids love and eat them up. They're fast paced, full of adventure but also very informative. 


Hugo and his family get to fly on the Hindenburg. A giant zeppelin. It's a dream come true to fly from Germany to New Jersey. But then disaster strikes. Will Hugo and his family be able to make it out safely?


I really like the factual points of these books. There's a timeline of events in the back of the book and other factual questions to answer kid's curiosities. 


The book starts off with the disaster then goes back in time three days later. Again, a great way to get kids to want to read more. Well, done.