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Dangerous Lies Book Review

Dangerous Lies - Becca Fitzpatrick

While I did enjoy Dangerous Lies, I do feel as though the writing is a bit lack luster. The plot as holes in it and its left a bit open ended. Some character story lines weren't resolved at all. The main character feels very emotionless at times, especially for everything she goes through. 


Stella is her new name. Carmina's house is her new home. A new city, a new school, far away from Philadelphia and the drug dealer her mom brought home. Witness protection isn't what she wanted. But the gorgeous boy in town isn't someone she expected to find. 


I think Chett is the only thing I really enjoyed about this book. I want to know what happened with Trigger in the end, and what about Reed? So many characters are left unanswered for at the end of the story. 


This is supposed to be a thriller but it reads more like a romance. There are some "action" scenes in the end but that's about it. 


Dangerous Lies isn't terrible, I just wish it was better written.