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The Mirror King Book Review

The Mirror King (Orphan Queen) - Jodi Meadows

Mirror King felt very long. I really enjoyed the first book when I read it last year. And was anticipating the second one. It does look like this is only a dualogy which I'm glad. Its over 500 pages and honestly felt a bit repetitive at times.


Wil's identity is out. Everyone knows she is the queen. The Wrath is out to destroy the city. The Osprey's and Tobiah are missing in action. She's kept prisoner in the kingdom. Can she use her powers to save everyone?


A lot of this bored me. For a fantasy I wanted something more. The ending was a bit better than the first half of the book. But it easily could have been cut down in half -- which I've said before isn't totally unusual with long books like this.


I'm sure a lot of fantasy fans will love this series. Its not necessarily anything new in YA lit and especially in the fantasy genre. But it does have the elements of a decent series.