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All the Truth That's in Me Book Review

All the Truth That's in Me - Julie Berry

Wow. This book shocked me. It's so unique and so powerful. I love Julie Berry's writing and prose. You won't find something like this in any other book. Its written in the second person, our protagonist writing to a male using the form "you" throughout. Its written in poetry form -- and listening to this book it works so, so well. It took a while to get used to but man it ends up being powerful. 


Judith Finch is back home after being kidnapped and having her tongue cut out of her mouth. The town shuns her. No one wants to speak to her. But she still wants to learn, so she goes to school, even under humiliation, and tries to learn to read. She wonder's throughout it all what the boy of her childhood dreams, Lucas must think of her now. 


Yes, this has romance in it, and yes its a big part of the story as she is writing this to the love of her life. But, there is so much more to it than that. We don't necessarily know what time period this book is set in, though its described much like Colonial America. 


Judith is a powerful character, never giving up, always caring, and trying hard not to care what people think of her. I loved her. She's memorable and fierce. 


This is a dark story, so I wouldn't recommend to everyone. But if you want something different and edgy All The Truth That's In Me just might be your book.