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Some Kind of Happiness

Some Kind of Happiness - Claire Legrand

Some Kind of Happiness is bizarre. It's nearly 400 pages and feels long. The main character, Finley talks about her feelings a lot in the middle of the book and I fear this may bore some kids. 


Finley is being shipped off to her grandparents house, people doesn't even know, because her parents need some time for themselves. Dreams haunt her and she writes in her book about Everwood. But then she realizes Everwood might actually be real and soon she has trouble mixing reality to fantasy. 


I actually think I may have enjoyed this more if the fantasy elements weren't added to the story. There's almost too much in one book. I liked the elements where Finley is struggling in a new place and mad at her parents for leaving her there. But the constant voice of her feelings mixed in with the fantasy realm made this a little too strange for me to thoroughly enjoy.