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And I Darken Book Review

And I Darken - Kiersten White

So I really did like this but I got so bored near the end. I think the politics overtook the story a bit too much for my liking. Its got a strong badass female character that's easy to love as well as sibling relationships that I always want to read in YA.


Lada and her brother Radu have grown up knowing their father doesn't love them. Radu is the soft sensitive one always getting beat up, Lada always there to protect him promising he'll never die. But its apolitical battle and everyone wants to kill one another, staying alive isn't necessarily an easy thing to do.


I think people are under the assumption that when they read And I Darken they are getting a fantasy novel, but its not. its nothing like the fantasy realm that is Throne of Glass, its a dark political and gritty novel about war and again politics.


Some people are going to love this, some are going to find it boring. I found it more boring, even with an unusual love triangle thrown in there. Maybe the series will lead into bigger and more exciting scenes then this first book.