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P.S I Like You Book Review

P.S. I Like You - Kasie West

P.S. I Like You is pure teenage fluff. Think, a YA version of You've Got Mail. And I love that movie. I'm starting to enjoy adult contemporary much more than YA, I'm just finally too old to enjoy these cutesy romances for teens, except maybe Anna and the French Kiss, because swoon. 


It started with the letters, back and forth in chemistry class. Lily starts to wonder who this boy she is writing to really is. They have so much in common and she starts to spill all her secrets. When the truth is out is it who she expected it to be?


I don't know if the author intended it to be obvious or not, but I could predict who the anonymous writer was by the end of the first chapter, which I think made me lose a bit of interest in the overall plot. 


Kasie West is great at the cute part, but I think my favorite novel by her will always be On the Fence.