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Wanderlost Book Review

Wanderlost - Jen Malone

Sighhh this had much more potential for liking. The plot is just so far fetched I found myself rolling my eyes more than anything, but that being said, I did enjoy the romance in this one. 


Aubree suddenly finds herself being the tour guide of senior citizens on a trip through out Europe. The catch? She's posing as her sister Lizzie who is really the historical expert. Then Sam comes along and she finds herself on the trip of a lifetime, but will everything come crashing down when they find out she isn't who she says she is?


Aubree is super likeable. And so is Sam. The trip is fun and enjoyable and really makes you want to travel abroad on your own. I just wish the author had a more realistic way of getting Aubree out there, because 90 percent of the beginning was so unrealistic...