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Dangerous Girls Book Review

Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas, Abby McDonald

I  want more YA thrillers and mystery's, like Malice, The Fixer and now Dangerous Girls. They're written well, have complex characters and keep you on your toes. 


Dangerous Girls is the story of a vacation to Aruba gone bad. Anna, her best friend Elsie and her boyfriend Tate can't wait for spring break away from their parents. But the fun ends fast when Elsie is found dead, blood everywhere, and Tate and Anna are thrown into jail. 


I loved reading about Elsie, Anna and Tate. Elsie is especially a character with layers beyond layers. Your never really sure who to believe and who to trust throughout the entire book. 


I'd be hesitant to recommend this to younger teens, its barely a young adult, if only because of the age of the characters...but such a gripping and dark read.