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The Memory of Things Book Review

The Memory of Things - Gae Polisner

I enjoyed the first half of this book much more than the second half. Even with that being said I had trouble putting it down and it only took me a few hours to read. I'm surprised I haven't read more 9/11 YA books. And hope there are more. Maybe without the added romance that this one has.


It's 9/11/01 and Kyle lives in Manhattan, New York. He's in school when the first plane hits. And when the second one does they are told to evacuate the building. He loses his teacher and classmates and makes his way home to find a girl covered in ash. She doesn't remember her name or what happened to her. Kyle takes her home to find no one there, he doesn't know if his dad is alive or if his mom and sister were possibly on one of the planes.


I really liked Kyle and thought he was a very realistic portrayal of the 9/11 events. I never really thought of how NYC felt days and weeks, even a year after this event. I was in middle school and really only remember the one day,


What I didn't like was the romance. It didn't feel needed in a story like this. I would have preferred the author to stick to the family and Kyle going through the tragedy that Manhattan and America went through that day, what it was like to go back to school, that sort of thing. I do recommend this one, especially to young reader's who really have no idea what this day was like for America.