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Outlander Book Review

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

I am honestly surprised at how unimpressed I am by the first book in the Outlander series. Maybe its the first person point of view, but I just did not like the writing style at all. Have to say this is one of those cases that I like the show better than the book.


Claire has gone back in time. She was happy with her husband in England when she is taken to Scotland, 1743. There she meets James Fraser, a young Scottish warrior. She finds love that she never expected. She has to make a choice of whether or not she wants to go back to her real time. Or to try and save the Scots from their imminent death.


I will say that they made the show a heck of a lot more graphic than the book. Especially in the end, which I personally think is very unnecessary. That being said I think the show gives a lot of visual scenery that the book does not.


Its a very popular series but its certainly not for everyone. And there are scenes that will make most sane people incredibly angry.